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Web & Design Services

Website Design

We can create a professional website for your business, or we can redesign your existing website. No project is too big or small; our experience allows us to work on projects of varying scope, and we will be flexible to meet your needs. Our web design focuses on the following:

  • Meeting Clients' Needs, Business Goals, and Expectations:  
    We want to create what our clients want, and we will lend our experience to making outcomes that exceed clients' expectations.
  • Organization and Clarity:  
    It is our goal to make critical information easy for your customers/potential clients to find and read.
  • Clear Branding as Part of a Pleasing Design:  
    A company's logo is their visual depiction of their brand.  We think that it is very important to incorporate a company's logo prominently in the web design with a color scheme, font, and layout that is pleasing and accurately represents the company's image.
  • Consistency and Reliabilty:  
    A consistent look and feel to each page of a web site helps to make the customer's experience a pleasant one.  Additionally, we think that it is critical that the site look and feel the same on all computers (Mac or PC) and in all browsers (Netscape, Internet Explore, Safari, etc.), so that all customers have a consistent, reliable experience.

Visit our pricing page for more information on the cost of web design projects. Also, visit our resources for tips on how you can prepare for a website creation or redesign project.

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Website Hosting and Search Optimization

A lot of people wonder, "Once I make a website, where do I put it so that everyone can see it?" In order for your site to be seen by the world, it must be given to a web hosting service so they can put it on their servers.

While you are more than welcome to choose any web hosting service out there, we offer a full range of reliable, low cost hosting options for our customers' convenience.

We can do everything from helping you choose and register a domain name (what you want your www.YOURNAME.com to be) to hosting your website through any one of our six hosting plans to helping you to achieve better search engine results.

For pricing details on our hosting plans and other hosting related services, visit our pricing page. Also, visit our resources page for hints on selecting a domain name and choosing a web host.

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Website Programming

Need to collect and store your customers' contact information electronically? Ready to sell your products online? Wish you had a mailing list, bulletin board, or image gallery on your website?

We can do that! We have expertise in database design and integration that will allow us to customize your website with the specialized touches you desire. Whether you need a web form, a secure area of your site, or any other website feature, we can do it for you!

While prices will vary depending on the scope of work to be done, you may browse our pricing page for additional details.

Other Design Services

In addition to designing the perfect website for your company, we can also create a stylish custom logo, business cards, or brochures for you. If your design project or website needs just the right photograph, we can take professional quality digital photos to meet your design needs.

We can also produce animated work for you in Macromedia's Flash to enhance your website, promotional video, or other digital project.

To view a small sample of our design work, take a look at our online portfolio. For more information on the cost of our design services, please take a moment to look over our pricing page.

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