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Software Solutions

Software Selection

So many choices, so little time! Many business owners know they want to change business software, but they don't know which product to choose and don't want to waste money on the wrong product. Often times software companies will tell you only the best apsects of their product and promise everything will work great as part of an unrealistic sales pitch. We will get to know your business and understand your needs so that we can use our knowledge and experience to help you make the best selection for current use and future growth. At New Tampa Technology, we will:

  • cut through the software company's sales pitch,
  • translate the techno-speak into plain language, and
  • help you select the best product to meet the needs of your business.

Custom Software

Are you looking for a specialized web-based tool to track your customers? Have you looked at all of the available options and none of them do just what you are looking for? Then call on us to build your custom software solution. We can create anything from surveys to ecommerce to database-driven customer tracking solutions. Our experienced software developers will:

  • meet with you to fully understand your needs,
  • map out the software flow before production for your approval to ensure understanding,
  • program your software to the highest industry standards, and
  • run your software through rigorous testing before delivery to ensure everything is working properly.

Software Implementation

Need to upgrade your software for record keeping? Wish you could turn your piles of paper into an organized electronic vault of information?

We have the expertise to manage any software implementation large or small for your business, so that you can focus your energy on the everyday operations of your business. Our project leaders will provide:

  • A Thourough Assessment of Your Software Needs
  • Sound Research on Available Options within Your Budget
  • A Detailed Project Timeline including Action Steps with Assigned Responsibility, Time for Implementation and Training, and Deadlines for Project Goals and Objectives
  • Guidance and Oversight during Project Implementation
  • Evaluation of Project Success upon Completion


Ongoing Training and Support

Appropriate training is the most important part of using software effectively in your small business. If you have invested in technology, and you want to make sure that you are using it to its fullest potential, don't hesitate to contact us about our technology training.

We have over five years of experience in providing software training and support for a variety of software packages. Whether you need a refresher, have specific questions, or need a full-scale training package, call on us for your training and support needs.



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